I haven’t read many scientific fictions, but I do have much interest in reading science books about quantum physics and space-time relations, the brief history of time, for example.
As a super fun of modern physics, I have to say that the Three Body written by Cixin Liu is more of a milestone of science fiction in Chinese history of both literature and physics than just a good novel with rich imagination.
Regardless of the literariness of this work, I mean the words Cixin used, the means of expression as well as the descxtion method in this whole book series, can’t say they are as excellent as of those traditional writters. After all, Liu was a student majored in science and had been working as an engineer for decades, you cannot blame him for his poor literariness, whatever those negative comments say about him and his book, I have truely high praise and admiration for him.




The ideas showed up in each one of the whole Three Body series have hardly been occured to most of normal people, nor to most scientific fiction writters or scientists, even if they have once occured to them, none of them could bring those ideas into a great fiction with such high logicality, which could be much harder for anyone else of those traditional writters to make this work better than Liu did.
Think about it, it is so incredible just to come up with all these ideas, such as Chain Of Suspicisions, Technological Explosion, Droplet, Proton Unfolding……you name it, not to mention use them to build such a majestic structure of story.
This story isn’t just about physics or cosmology, it covers also chemistry, biology, socialogy, especially the socialogy of the universe, which is created by Liu, and politics……
I don’t think anyone is in the position of judging Liu’s masterpiece without having read his book very deeply and thoroughly, they deserve high respect.